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Black Chrome Care


Black Chromed Exhausts: Special Notes

You will notice that some parts of the exhaust show the nickel plating, areas such as around the hangers. This is because the chroming process does not allow the plating to go into tight corners and under brackets. When bright chromed these areas do not show as much, but black they are highlighted. Normal practice is to paint these areas with glass paint to hide the sections. If you look at original genuine pipes like the Kawasaki ones, you will see the painted areas. We leave them unpainted so the customer can choose whether to paint them or not. If we painted them, you may think we are covering up something.


Care of the black chrome is different to bright chrome plating. The black colouring is created by introducing oil to the plating. So you will find you get black hands when handling them. We find cleaning them with WD40 or GT85 puts oil back into them keeps them looking bright. They will go a smoky colour with use. The most important thing to not use an abrasive chrome polish on them. Wax polish or Mr Sheene type polish is perfect for them.


You will find the flanges are on the pipes already. The black chrome is quite thick and with the flanges black chromed as well they can be a very tight fit. Best way to fit is to leave the flanges on the pipes, loosely bolt the flanges to the cylinders. You will find 4 spring tab/washers to use. Then bolt up to the rear mounting on the footrest hanger. Tighten up the cylinder fitting, put the springs on and you are ready to ride. We normally use some clear silicone sealant on the flanges when fitting to the bike.