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About Us
Who we are, why we're here and how we started...

Our history

Stinkwheels began in 2003 after Tony Greenslade had been riding, building and collecting Yamaha LC’s since he was 17.
His passion lead him to run the ‘LC Owners Club’ in the UK for several years, only giving up this and his full time job to start Stinkwheels.
Since Stinkwheels began they have built, restored and serviced all types of two strokes.
As well as selling new and used parts, we have also sponsored several club racers on two stoke machines around the UK.
Best known for our work on TZR250’s in the YPM championship. They have also visited the Classic TT on the IOM with our rider Andy Davies on a Spondon YPVS.
2017 sees the team move into CRMC and run a Classic Honda RS125.