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Fitment Guide

Black Chrome Care


  1. Screw the flanges loosely to the engine exhaust port
  2. Coat the exhaust gasket with silicone sealant (standard household bathroom sealant will do the job)
  3. Put the gasket with silicone over the flange tube
  4. Put the end of the exhaust over the flange tube and give a wiggle to fit all the way up the flange tube ensuring the exhausts hangers at the other end of are on the
  5. Fit the exhaust springs to the flange tab and stretch to the tab on the exhaust.
  6. Tighten the bolts that are loosely holding the flange to the engine.
  7. Make sure the holes in the hangers at the other end of the exhaust are in alignment with the holes in the motorcycle and bolt the hanger to the motorcycle.